Proxy Problem when signing up or going to website

Hi, when I invited a customer to become a team member in memberstack, so they could signup and we can go live with their website, they got the following page:

when we go to the memberstack website we see this:

this a large company, and I know they have tied down their security, but this I have not seen before.
So do you guys do fancy things with proxy’s, will they be able to use a website with memberstack enabled?
We have no access to their IT department at this moment.


Hi Erik, thanks for posting this.

We do use Cloudflare (a proxy) for our site. I’m going to reach out to them right now and ask about this problem.

Is the company seeing this message when they try to go to or when they go to a site that has memberstack integrated?


They get this when they go to the site. We have not tested this with an memberstack integrated website.

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Okay thanks!

So is actually just hosted through Webflow and is not going through our proxy.

I’ll send this to Webflow support to see if they know what’s going on.

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they can go to other websites hosted through webflow

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I just reached out to Webflow. I wonder if there’s a setting off on our specific site :confused:

We did just upgrade to their business hosting which using a different CDN. Maybe that has something to do with it… will follow up soon!


I heard back from Webflow…

I think they may need to allow sites hosted via a proxy.

I just explained this is most likely not an option, and asked for other possible solutions. Waiting to hear back again :crossed_fingers:

@DuncanHamra, other websflow site are working fine. just memberstack is not working. also apps.memberstack is not working.

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Hi @ErikVanderlaan! I got a reply from Webflow. They agree that the issue is something to do with the company’s firewalls. Our best guess is MemberStack’s .io domain name. That’s not something we can “fix” very easily.

The best course of action for this user would be to use the CTA on the blocked message:

If they contact their IT department through that link, they should be able to get assistance with having Memberstack whitelisted.

Unfortunately, this is the firewall causing the issue and we’ll definitely need help on that end resolving this issue.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

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