Published Memberships and Published Site - Memberships checking out as TEST

Ive been working on a project and went for final tests:

With published memberships and a live site, the memberships are checking out in Test and not displaying the membership level at checkout.

Also, if I use the link rather than the attributes it comes up with an incomplete module, so I think something has gone wrong.

It doesn’t show the subscription level at checkout and is also displaying an NANUNDEFINED error on the final checkout button.


As I need to move fairly quickly I tried to delete the website from memberstack in order to start again. I removed all published subs and the database is empty however it still told me to contact support.

Hey Roocypher :wave:

Could you make a video of whats going on please? I am trying to understand more. :grinning:

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Initial vid PM’d to you

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Solved over zoom :grinning:

Thank you so much :heart: amazing support as always

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