Purchase multiple memberships at once

Hi, I have a use case and was wondering if anyone here could provide some guidance.

I am building a website for an online conference and they want to use Memberstack! Yay!

I have used Memberstack for, but the use case here in this instance is a little more involved. We need a user from an org to be able to buy a ticket and gain access, but also pick up memberships for co-workers.

Once the purchase is made, they get generated coupon codes to share with co-workers so they can sign up at no-cost since it was purchased by their co-worker.

I know I can use different memberships to work the different number of tickets, but is there a way to generate coupons for co-workers. Has anyone done this before? TIA for any help you can provide! :smile:

Hey Ben :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

I think you could make this work but its going to take a lot of workarounds.

In our Scale plan you have the ability to create new members with Zapier. If you have a set amount of email and password fields for additional invites, let’s say 5 as an example you can get zapier to create the new members. You would also email those new users with an invite coupon code and a link to log in and then upgrade their membership with the coupon code provided. :smiley:

This is perfect, @Josh-Lopez! Thanks so much for the time and the help! Can I also create those via an API call? :slight_smile:

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We have webhooks and a front-end api. :smiley:

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Hey, @Josh-Lopez!

QQ about this workflow. I have this working without a set number of emails. Anywhere between 1 and 10 and it’ll fire and create memberships as well as enroll them in a Thinkific course.

When I’m adding co-workers, I’m automatically generating the password. Will Memberstack not automatically fire off an email and let them know an account has been created? Or, do I need to generate a password, pass it through, and then send it via email and advise them to change it?

Thanks for all the help! :smile:

Hello again Ben :wave:

We do not send any emails out so we can keep our platform as flexible as possible. You can send out emails through Zapier as part of the zap that creates the members. :smiley:

Hope you are having a great day!

Hi Josh, Did you post the details of these workarounds somewhere? Can you share?

Here is an article about how to send emails through zapier :smiley: