Q about forms, submissions, dashboard and functionality

Really pumped to dive into memberstack !!! I am a total newbie so pardon any ignorance. I hope my Q helps others in the community.

Quick Context: Looking to consolidate Thinkific (LMS Course Portal), Fb group (Forum) and accountability program to make memberstack my all-in-one platform that grows with us.

Current accountability process:

  1. user submits a google form - data attached
  2. users checkin with their accountability partners and confirms their Submission which updates their scorecard in google sheets
  3. If user does NOT submit accountability, their penalty is to add $15 to the pot.
  4. Every 2 weeks, the most consistent users split the pot as a reward

Desired functionality using memberstack

  1. memberstack sends an email/text reminder at pre-set end of day time to complete their accountability
  2. User submits form from within portal
  3. User connects with accountability partner (not sure best way to do this on memberstack)
  4. If user does NOT complete form during 24 hour window, user is auto-billed $15 via stripe
  5. user is able to view their daily / weekly / monthly activity #’s based on their submissions inside their dashboard
  6. User is able to view group dashboard / leaderboard
  7. Weekly and monthly progress reports are sent automatically sharing the users progress on scorecard

My questions

  1. Is there a template for/like webflow university UI for my course / LMS section? I love the UI/UX!
  2. What is the best way to gather form data ? It seems webflow has a limit on submissions and then charges extra so I’m thinking forms or airtable is best ?
  3. How can I visualize individual user data based on form submissions ?
  4. How can I visualize group data / setup a leaderboard type UI ? Anyone doing this already ?
  5. Is memberstack/webflow still a good option to achieve all this ?

Thanks so much !

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Hey there! I’m afraid this is a bit out of scope for our support team. That said, I’d be happy to connect you with a few freelancers who could help you build some version of this. What do you say?

sure man happy to chat w/ them

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Hey! Just following up on @DuncanHamra’s note. We’ve put together a list of Memberstack freelancers to help support you with any design/dev needs as you shared above: http://bit.ly/msfreelancer-spec

Hope that helps! :smile:

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