Question about Memberstack features to suit my project

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into the technical stack for my project and was wondering if Memberstack would be a good way to proceed regarding the features I’ll have.

I’m creating a marketplace with two types of users:

  • some users have access to certain content (page or divs)
  • some users can view protected content, but only a certain amount of times depending on their subscription (ex: SubscriptionA users is limited to view a protected content 5 times per month, SubscriptionA users is limited to view a protected content 10 times per month)
  • some users can have more or less information on their profile depending on their membership (ex: SubscriptionA users is limited to add 5 skills, SubscriptionB users is limited to add 10 skills)
  • users can customise their public profile
  • group of users can communicate with each other (messenger/whatsapp like)

I’m mostly concerned with the system of credits to prevent viewing content if the rate is already exceeded for the month as I didn’t find any similarity on Memberstack documentation.

Any help would be grandly appreciated
Thank you!

For your third bullet point, you can use the Webflow CMS to control this:

  • You’d need Zapier or similar to write the Memberstack Membership Type ID to Airtable.
  • You can then use an IF formula within Airtable to convert that ID to a plain text membership type, such as “MEMBERSHIP_A”.
  • You would then use Zapier/Integromat etc to write that plain text membership type to the appropriate CMS Field within the “member” CMS Item, e.g. for a field entitled “Membership Type” set it to “MEMBERSHIP_A” or “MEMBERSHIP_B”.
  • You would then use conditional fields within Webflow (only show content if Membership Type = “MEMBERSHIP_A”.

I have a similar setup and it works well.

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Hey Roxane :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Yes, what you want to do is possible but it will take some work and custom code. If you do not have a developer you can find one by filling out the form here. We also have a couple of tutorials on how to do most of what you are asking about. The only thing on your list we haven’t seen recently is a chat app. Here are those tutorials that should get you on the right path and understand what is possible. :smiley:

Many thanks to both of you for your answers.
@Josh-Lopez it’s really reassuring to hear that!
Let’s try then

For the messaging part I found talkjs & sendbird which seem to fit the needs.

Have a great day

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