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I’m putting together a proposal for a client who requires a 3 tiers for each shipping zone, so in total there will be 16-ish tiers. As an example: If a member wants to upgrade, from a tier 1 to tier 3 in shipping zone 3, would it be possible through custom code of some sort to only show them tiers for their zone?

I was thinking of having users enter their zip code to pull their zone using UPS’s API, but I’m drawing a blank at how to incorporate that to show only the tiers for that zone as upgrade options and if this functionality is even theoretically possible.

Any help or ideas are extremely appreciated! (:

Edit: Solved this on my own! It’s a simple solution, but I’ll create a simple upgrade page on which users can enter their zip code and be redirected to a page with the corresponding tiers for their specific shipping zone!


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Sweet! :smiley:

If it’s not too much hassle, would you mind reposting the question and the answer you found? It might help a future user

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Sure thing! I reverted the post to active and added my solution in an edit.


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You’re awesome! :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking the time to do that :pray: