Redirect after reset

Is there a way to send a user to a specifc login page after they have reset their password?

Our users are all new and have system generated passwords and we want them to just (what looks like to them) set a password for the first time. So instead of using the standard form that has an email, password, and “forgt” link, I put a link on a page with the ms-forgot attribute. It brings up the modal to reset their password. They enter their email, get sent a code and enter the code and new password. But at this point they have changed their password but are stuck on a page with no login form. Any way to redirect the to another page with a standard login form on it?

Hey Sean :wave:

I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t come up more often :sweat_smile:

There’s no way to do this yet, but stay tuned. I am putting this on the roadmap right now! :smiley:

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No worries, we’ll just tell people to ignore the password field and go right to the “reset password” link for now.

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