Redirect page to page they came from after upgrade


I have an upgrade button on my a template site. When the user upgrades it will give them access to see the content that is behind the paywall. They are already signed in members.

I have installed the codes as instructed as per the power up redirect after signup/login, but it is not working. So I am thinking maybe the code is slightly different if they are already logged in and/or signed up?

What am I doing wrong, or what can I do?



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Hi again!

So I understand that I need a version of the redirect power-up that works when a user IS logged in already.

My members are logged in and can look at specific profiles. Those profiles are open to all members, free and paid, but you have to have a membership to see them. On the profiles there are elements/parts that will only be visible if they upgrade their membership to a paid.

When the user selects to upgrade, on the profile they are visiting, they do this, because they want to see the paid content for that profile. So I need the member to be redirected back to that profile after they have selected to upgrade.

Is that something anyone know how to set up?


Hi @psar

This should be possible with a bit of custom code. I think it will be very similar to the redirect power-up.

I’ll give this a look through to see if I can come up with something.

Hi @belltyler

Perfect! I think also it is a useful power up for other scenarios.

Let me know how it goes.


Any news on this update?

Kind regards


It might be a while before we have a chance to work on this. :disappointed:

Can I get you in touch with a front-end developer who can help with this?

Hi Duncan!

I will have to do with a temporary solution for now. I would love to use a front-end developer to help me, but currently bootstrapping so budget is tight. So I will be patient for now :slight_smile:



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