Redirect power-up doesn't work for upgrade modal

Hey all, I implemented the redirect-to-page-you-signed-up-on Power-up, which works well. However, it seems to not work for logged-in users who choose to upgrade. How do we fix this?

I made a video to show and tell:

And here’s the read-only:

Thank you!

Hey Eric :wave:

Great question and I just ran across this myself actually. Here is a loom video that goes over this. I hope this gets you on the right path. Here is a read only link to the site I was showing.

Thanks Josh!

I actually had that script in there, and it works great—for initial signups. Running into issues tho when the user uses the upgrade modal. it takes them to the welcome page, but then the redirect back doesn’t work :confused:

Any clues?

Video here for the lolz:

If you’d like to try it out with a fake account, here’s the url:

You’ll see that initial signup goes smoothly. Then, click the “Upload Resume” button to launch the upgrade modal. When you click submit, it will take you to the “welcome” page, but the redirect won’t take you back to the page you used to upgrade.

Do we have a solution for this?

I’ll get the dev team involved on this. I understand the problem better now. Thank you for the videos :smiley:

@Eric_Button @Josh-Lopez Was this ever something you figured out? I’m trying to implement the same thing, but after payment, it goes to the ‘welcome’ page rather than redirect to the same page the user was on.

Hey Josh has this been addressed? I’m running into the same issue.