Redirect to Access Denied

Hi fellow member enthusiasts,

I’m new to Memberstack and am having an issue with the login section of my page (made in Webflow).

I have created a test CMS collection and was looking to assign a member account to an individual CMS page. The pages are being generated through Zapier and I will look to use Zapier to add a Memberstack profile and link this to the slug once I can get the basic issues I am suffering resolved. In the meantime I’m manually linking the Memberstack profile to the CMS slug for the purposed of testing.

The problem I have is that when I try and login through my published webflow page I get sent directly to the access denied page which I’ve created. If I deliberately type the password wrong it just prompts me to try again, this way I know the credentials are correct when I type it correctly.

I’d be really grateful if someone could prompt me to let me know what I’ve dome wrong and whether there is a potential quick fix?

Thanks in advance,


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Solved it myself, turns out I hadn’t unlocked the member content on the Membership tab!
Such a simple mistake that derailed my day, doh!

At least it’s fixed.!


Thanks for sharing the solution @Douglas_Beattie! This problem should go away after the next release.