Register in 2 plans at the same moment?

Hello! I create a website where i provide personal training services for runners (marathon for example) and also i create a course lessons. So i need 2 membership plans.

Plan#1: the user will pay 49‎$/year to have access to a course lessons.
Plan#2: User pay 49$/month for services

My problem is that as i see now at test mode user can be register only in one plan. How can user be register in plan#1 and plan#2 at the same moment? Is this possible? Did i miss something?

Hey @hagi,

A big welcome to Memberstack🎉

You’re correct, Memberstack isn’t able to handle multiple memberships yet. We do have this feature on our roadmap but we don’t have an exact time estimate on when this feature will be ready.

I do have a workaround for you:

If you had 2 memberships; Scale and Pro users can choose which membership they want. Now you want to add a third; ‘Established’. You can create an extra membership (a third) thats either ‘Pro+Established’ or Scale+Established’ and inside that memberships is the content of both plans together.

So in your case you want to offer the contents of both Plan#1 and Plan#2 you create a 3rd option and name it Plan#3 with a combined price and then users can choose whether the want to access the contents of plan 1 and 2 or both together in #3.

Would that work for you until the multiple memberships feature is ready?(Let me know if it makes sense and I haven’t overcomplicated it):sweat_smile:

Thank you! I think i understand! I love the way memberstack works. It is very easy for me to make a membership website…very straight forward! Soon i will upgrate my plan and hope for further development like:

1.wordpress integration
2.multiple memberships
3.e-mail notifications to user (for example a welcome e-mail or a notification e-mail few days before his plan expires)

Thank you!

Hey @hagi,

Great thanks for letting me know I wasn’t making it sound too complicated😅 and very happy to hear you are loving Memberstack🎉

Just to let you know we released an early access tutorial and article on how to get setup with Wordpress which I will link here:

As for email notifications as a workaround we recommend using Zapier to notify you or send a welcome email. Are you comfortable using Zapier?

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