Remove 'FREE' title in membership description

Is there a way to remove the ‘FREE’ tag from the membership tab of the ‘Profile’ modal?

I’m building out a virtual repository for a client that is moving their gym business online and hosting a lot of online classes through their website. They process all of their memberships through Mindbody Online. So they won’t use memberstack to charge their customers. But it is misleading to say that they have a “free membership”.

Is there anyway for me to change that. Or perhaps create a work around?


Hey Colin :wave:

Great question. Here is some css code to add that will hide that text :smiley:

.ms-portal-plan-price {
  display: none !important;

To complete the answer…

Add this bit of CSS to the header of your site. It will affect ALL Memberstack modals.

Note: don’t forget to re-publish the page!