Require a credit card with a free trial

Are you able to change the trial signup flow so people have to put their CC in before their trial?

I’d rather not have to chase them down once their trial expires.

If you’re going to keep t in the same way - maybe you can have a . “when trial ends” webhook or trigger?

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You can’t change the signup flow yet, but it’s on the roadmap.

What’s your current trial period? If it’s 30 days, I recommend giving folks a free month coupon in place of a free trial. At least until we can give you the option to require a credit card.

I would also really appreciate this addition!

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I just wanted to check whether there was any update on this @DuncanHamra @belltyler?

I saw the workaround for a similar issue here, but I’m unclear on how you ‘upgrade’ a membership plan without requiring a user to go in manually and change their plan themselves.

As far as I can see, you can’t change any pricing details of a membership, nor add a member to a membership.

Do other MS users have a workaround for how they are asking users to input a credit card as part of the trial?

Just wondering whether you saw this @belltyler @DuncanHamra?

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No updates yet. Thanks for following up :+1:

Thanks Duncan.

I just stumbled across a workaround though…

If you add a coupon for a 100% off but only set it for ‘1 billing cycle’, this has the same effect, right?

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Perfect! Assuming your free trial and billing interval are the same (30 day trial, monthly membership) then this is a solid work around for now.

Real free trials + credit cards are on the roadmap.

Yup, got it.

Ideally the free trial would be less than the billing period, but as an interim solution this could work.

Do you have an ETA for when you think real free trials will be live?

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No ETA yet. Although, it’s likely we’ll only offer free trials + credit cards outside of the EU to start.

SCA is a bear when it comes to collecting payment info for free trials.


Just to let you know that for the project I’m working for we would have loved to be able to require a card for the free trial.

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Hi guys,

Almost 6 months later - this would be REALLY useful.

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We’ve tried a few times, but always run into massive problems caused by SCA. Will update when we have meaningful progress :+1:

Maybe a simpler hack @duncan would be offering a $1 trial? I don’t see a way to offer a trial for a discounted rate and then do regular billing?

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