Restaurant website

Hi, all

So I have a client who owns a restaurant. They want to build a site where they can keep track of user activity (how many orders said user has made) so they can offer loyalty rewards and discounts.

The idea is to make a membership site where users can order food as a guest or sign in. Now I know Member stack can do that. However, what I don’t know is if Memberstack is able to auto load that account data into the checkout forms such that it already has the key information (name, address, email, etc) Otherwise it would make signing in almost redundant.

Im building in Webflow and have never used Memberstack before. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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Hi there! Apologies for the slow reply.

What are you using to process orders at the moment? Are you planning on processing payments via MemberStack, or do you only need MemberStack to store key checkout data like name, address, email, etc.?

If you only need to remember account data, MemberStack should be perfect for you :+1: