Reverting One-Off Paid Membership to Free

I’m currently putting together a membership area for a job site where users will subscribe to post a job for a month. I’d like to have it so that users can pay for a one-off subscription for one month, and then their plan will automatically downgrade to the free plan until they decide to pay for another one month subscription again. Is this currently possible, or do the one-off subscriptions only work on the basis that the membership ends entirely at the end of the expiration period and the user would then need to sign up again?


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Hi Laura!

Right now we don’t have an automatic downgrade feature.

In your case, once their one-off subscription expires, the member would be asked to renew it. This doesn’t require them to create another account, they just have to click a “Renew” button which will use their stored credit card.

Here’s an example of what that modal looks like.

Hi Tyler,
We’ve created a signup page for our different membership options. When an individual with an expired membership comes back to the site and selects a new membership plan on the signup page the modal window pops up and forces them to login (because it recognizes the email). After logging in the modal window “forgets” what plan the expired member selected at signup and tries to renew their expired plan. Is there a way to ensure the membership plan the user selected at signup is persisted into the modal window after the log in?

Many thanks