Right to left support

Is it possible to use Memberstack with all its features with a RTL language (hebrew/arabic)?
I’m familiar with code so I don’t mind to use one in case it’s needed.

Hey Rom!

Is our translation feature not enough for a RTL language?


Let me know if it’s not!

I don’t think so.
Translation only translates the text. However, when working with Right-to-Left languages you should have some UI considerations (align text to right, margins, paddings etc.). Shouldn’t be a problem as long as you support that.

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Hi Rom, I’m afraid we don’t have a RTL UI yet. That said you can override our pre-build UI’s with a bit of custom CSS. Also, I’ll add this to our roadmap. It should be an easy fix on our end.

Thanks @DuncanHamra, do have any estimation when it would be?
I’ll also appreciate if you can direct me how to override the CSS - do you mean adding CSS with the exact name and handle all the RTL adjustments on my end?

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I’m afraid I don’t know yet :frowning: We’ll talk about it as a team and work it into the roadmap.

You’re exactly right about the CSS. I can create the necessary CSS for you. When are you trying to launch your site?

I’ll really appreciate that. Hopefully in a few weeks.
I’m still evaluating Memberstack as a solution for my usecase.

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Hi Rom, have you decided if you’ll use Memberstack or not?

Hey Duncan, thanks for following up this. It’s like the chicken and the eggs - I can’t really know if MemberStack is for me without seeing if the translations and RTL support works perfectly. UX on my website is super important to me. Is it much of an effort for you to create the RTL snippet for me? I’ll understand if so.

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Makes total sense. I’m going to hold off on this for now. There are so many features we need to implement, and we don’t have any processes to update/maintain something like this if I did get it done.

I’ll update this thread in the future should we have time to get this done the right way!