Safari browser functionality

Are there any plans to enable the use of the Safari browser with the Memberstack admin dashboard? I recognize that many people criticize its use, but the way it integrates into the rest of MacOS and the greater Apple ecosystem makes it an incredibly useful tool across my day-to-day tasks.

Right now, I have Google Chrome downloaded specifically to access Memberstack, as the remainder of my web applications support the Safari browser (including Webflow). I’d love to drop the secondary browser.

Thanks for your consideration.

Absolutely! Our admin dashboard will work in Safari sooner than later :smile:

Safari has a few quirks that I am still trying to work out. I’ll post updates here as I have them!

is there issues with using safari for a user to?? as i was using safari, in incognito mode, and for some reason it didnt seem to recognise the user after i sent the confirmation email link??

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Hey Paul, members can use modern versions of Safari without a problem. :+1:

What confirmation email are you referring to?

Ah nice cheers for getting back to. Not a problem. Was only using it to test my website. Cheers Duncan

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Hey @stratman24, @paulharr1983,

Just an update to let you know we now support Safari Dashboard Compatibility🎉 You can now manage your members and membership site right from Safari!

Hi there

I have logged on today and my dashboard links have stopped working for no reason?? I’ve not been on memberstack for about 2 weeks and have not changed anything on my site

This is my site

Need help asap as I’m a new start up and this doesn’t look good at all

Cheers Paul