Same hidden page for all member plans, but different hidden content

Hello! I have a simple question.

I have a members page on my website, and for all plans (free, premium and enterprise) this page is the same, but have some more features.

I want to create a new Members-only content item in Memberstack just to be able to hide some buttons/features. But it says “Hold on! You already hid “/members” (this is my members website page URL) in another group”, so it basically asks me to put there another premium content page, which I don’t have (as I said, I have only premium features on the same page for all members).

How can I do it? Should I put there some random non-existing page, just as a filler?

Or is there any other solution?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Robert :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Trying to wrap my head around this problem. You mentioned you had a single page with everything on it, what is the goal of that page? Are you trying to hide sections of the page that are shown for certain memberships or is it just the same information for everyone?

Hey Josh :grinning:

Yes, exactly! I have a member-specific page on my Webflow and this page has everything. I want to be able to hide sections/div’s/buttons on this page for certain memberships, because those elements could have some features, that requires other those certain memberships.

This is possible but if a savvy person goes to the page they would be able to turn off css and see everything. If this is ok then you can use our members-only content to make this happen. :grinning:

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Ahaa… Ok.

Thanks for the information, Josh :grinning: I’ll take this into account.

Anyway, it won’t be a problem if I’ll put in that “Hide pages & filters” field any non-existing page just as a filler, is’t it?

I don’t understand this question. Can you please clarify this? :smiley:

Sorry Josh, for such a late reply.

When I’m creating a new hidden content group, I need to put some page/URL in the “Hide pages & folders” input, the system says, that I can’t put there the same page, as in another group. I attached a screenshot of it to my first message of this thread.

The problem is, as I mentioned, that I don’t have another page/URL to put there, because it’s the the same page, as in another group (the page is the same for everyone).

So, can I put in that input any non-existing URL, just to use “Hide content” attributes? As you mentioned, on that one page, that all the users have, I want to hide some sections for users with payed memberships.

Ah ok, I understand better now. You actually do not need to put in a URL there at all. What I do is just add a title for the hidden content group and use it to just hide things for specific content. :smiley: