Saving form data to user profile?

I’m building a coffee subscription site with the coffee company I work for. I’m using Webflow and either Typeform or Jotforms (not sold on either yet). Basically, a user can get matched with a coffee we are offering based on their question responses.

Is there anyway Memberstack can import form data so a user can view their responses in their account page at a later date?

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Hey Ross!

My guess would be yes. You might have to write some custom javascript to get it working though using the front end api to update the user depending on the result

You also might be able to update the user using zapier. :slight_smile:


Big zap guy over over :slight_smile:

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@Josh-Lopez is correct, just use Zapier like he said.

MemberStack does have forms (and they do them very well!) but they are for specific purposes, like sign up, profiles, login, etc… not what you’re describing.

My recommendation would be to drop the Typeform or Jotforms and just use the Native Webflow forms. Everything you’ve described can easily be done.

I created a video walk through that does exactly what you’re asking for:

It uses MemberStack for all of the authentication and routing, and then Webflow + Zapier for everything else.


This is amazing! Thank you for all the support and help.