Selling More than One Item


I am looking at selling a monthly subscription and wanted to find out that If a user purchased the monthly subscription, if they will also be able to purchase other one time products while being an active member. My hope is that one day I can sell the one-time subscription at a discounted price to the subscribed user and sell it for the regular price for someone that is not subscribed.

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Christian :wave:

One-time purchases + a recurring subscription isn’t possible yet. A member can only have one membership at a time, and one-time purchases are considered memberships. Meaning they would switch memberships and stop making monthly payments.

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Ah that would be so nice to have!!!


Hey Duncan!

When will you be adding this to Memberstack?

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Hey Christian, to be 100% transparent it’s going to be a while before we can do this. It’s going to require a pretty serious overhaul of our current infrastructure. It’s a top priority on the roadmap, but hard to say when we’ll have it.