Selling multiple smaller courses

Hello, I have a training business and our site is in Webflow. I would love to use your product but I have two questions.

  1. Will there be other payment options coming in the future?

  2. I would like to offer, for example, 100 mini courses for my students. Is it possible to create each one as hidden content, so that I can charge seperately for each one?
    E.g… course 1 at $5,95, course 2 at $6.95… etc etc. Like other platforms like umedy etc

Or… even offer 5, or 10, or 20 courses in a bundle at a discounted price?


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Hey @Robert! The short answer is yes on both accounts, but I’m not sure how long until we’re ready.

We just did a BUNCH of work that should make adding new payment gateways easier. We’ll have more info on which gateways we can support and when very soon.

Digital products (in this case, courses) in an interesting problem that we’re working toward. I’ve found simpler is often better for things like this. How would you feel about a model more similar to UI8? They don’t offer discounts for bundled products, but you can subscribe for access to everything. The options are- buy individual products at full price or subscribe for access. They’ve structured their membership pricing and durations to maximize the purchase amount.

Two quick questions for you:

  1. What gateways are you most interested in? Please rank them in the order of importance (credit cards included).
  2. How are you selling your mini-courses right now?
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Yes I would say similar to UI8 is perfect.

To answer your questions:

  1. Paypal… Credit cards, Visa, mastercard, amex… I believe that way paypal can accept imstallments and payment plans etc? Not sure.

  2. At the moment… Instead of doing the typical… you pay and get everything, or a bundle of things… we offer individual lessons/courses so the student can ‘make their own course’. Buying 5 or more gives a discount… buying 20 or more is a discount etc… This way people find more value as they can choose what they want to learn… rather than pay for it all and not use some of it.

Very interested to see what you have coming.

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