Selling SaaS to companies

Hey there,

I’m searching for low code (or no code) services that can help me launch a B2B SaaS.

My product will have to be used by multiple people within the company for it to have any value, so I need a tool that 1 person (main admin) can sign-up to before inviting his colleagues to use the tool.

Does Memberstack provide that feature ?

And another question : can you bill a company (not a user) for each registered user with Memberstack ? Example : 2$/month/user -> Company ABC has 40 employees registered on the app --> billed 80$ monthly on a single bill adressed to the company.


Hey Thomas :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

I am trying to understand better. Can you explain a little more about the functionality you need please? To answer your second question, we do not have this functionality currently and we do not see this in the current game plan right now. :smiley:

Hey Josh, thanks for answering quickly.

My first point is that when selling to a company, you will typically have one person creating an admin account and space for the company, and then employees will sign up to access this space.

For example, Slack : the company pays Slack, but afterwards as an employee I can create a Slack account without having to provide a credit card or anything else than my name.

Unfortunately, We do not support this use case at this time if I understand it correctly. You need members to have members under them and share the same billing account?

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I want that too!
My software needs to be accessed by many employees of the contracting company.