Selling to companies

I’m trying to work out how I could approve users at a domain level, e.g. buys a monthly membership, so any user who signs up with a email address can get access.

I’m well out of my depth on this - anybody got ideas?


Hi Jon! This sounds like something we would need to add. I know it’s on our to-do. There may be a way to do it now with some custom code, but I’m not sure :thinking:

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Thanks for the speedy response!

I’ll keep digging around and see if there’s another way I can approach the problem.

Hi @Jon!

Is this what you need?

I started working on that feature this evening.


Yeah! But I was thinking about it the other way around?

  • In the member section I would add “” and “” (or whatever)
  • For end users, the usual sign up process applies
  • Anyone with an email address from those organisations can get in without paying.

So it’s not as much preventing people who aren’t from that domain… but allowing all people who are from my customers’ domains.

@Jon this is possible to do by running a check on the email address at sign up setting an “verified” custom field if they meet the criteria. If they do not meet the criteria the custom field would not be updated.

Then, when logging in, run a check to be sure the person is “verified” field and if not verified, log them out and redirect them back to a page that says “unauthorized” or something like that.

I’m not sure how tight the security needs to be on this, but are you concerned about people signing up with a bogus email address (one with a domain from your list) and then changing it to a legit email (like say that would be a possible workaround for someone to gain access illegitimately. However, I suspect the likelihood of that happening would be small.

As @DuncanHamra mentioned prior, it would definitely require some custom code, thinking and testing, but it’s possible for sure.

If you need some help building this out, let me know. I’ve helped many in here build out the more complicated pieces of their requests.


Thanks @jason_tinnin!

I’ll keep messing around with it for a bit but will definitely be in touch for your wise counsel :slight_smile:

This could be really helpful for my business as well! We have a lot of companies that want to have two or three people within a department have access to the membership benefits we offer. In the past I have had to set up additional free accounts and it’s a bit of a nightmare to try to keep up with this, especially when after a year or two they cancel the membership. Then we’ve potentially got someone from the company using the content that the company shouldn’t have access to any longer. The simple answer is to not grant any free accounts but you know how it is when you’re trying hard to keep a customer happy! :slight_smile:

Any progress on this would be really beneficial to us!

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Hi @belltyler - did this feature make it on to the platform? I’m keen to play around with it.


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Hey Jon! Not quite yet :sweat_smile:

We original built the feature assuming people would only need to “whitelist” one email domain. Right before releasing it, we made a snap decision to allow users to “whitelist” multiple emails. So instead of only allowing to signup, you’ll be able to allow, and even more.


That is perfect!! (well, for my use case anyways)

Thanks so much, can’t wait to see it!!


That’s awesome!

Realistically, the feature will be released late November. We are going to be in SF all next week for the No Code Conf, and won’t be working much on features :laughing:

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Man, I’m so stoked that you guys are doing it. Any time is a good time.

Enjoy SF!!
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Hi guys - did this get released?

@belltyler - any updates?

Hey @Jon ,

Sorry for the delayed reply, things got a little crazy😅

This feature was actually released yesterday so it’s ready to use!

Let us know if you have any questions



Thanks team :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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