Send user info from MS to a private Discord channel when a member cancels

I want to send the Discord username from MS to a private Discord channel when the member cancels in MS, so we know to revoke their Discord permissions.

Since “Discord Username” is a custom field they enter after initial sign up, when we add a Zap that is based on “Member Canceled”, selecting this custom field is not an option.

It IS an option if we select “Member Updated”, so my question is, can we:

  1. get the custom fields added to the Member Canceled Zap data options?


  1. pass along WHAT was updated (including cancelation or membership tier change) in the Zap so we know what to do with the information when it reaches the Discord channel?


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Hey Jake! I’ll let @belltyler correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe this is possible yet.


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Did you find a solution to this yet?