Sending a unique code after purchase

Hi All,
Im looking to a software to integrate with Webflow and Memberstack that allows the customer to be sent a unique code that I pre-load into the software as soon as they have bought their membership on Memberstack.


Hi Gellert, are you thinking of something like a license key? Something that customers need to gain access to software somewhere else?

Hi @DuncanHamra
Yes, exactly. The only thing is, we will also need to know where the person is from as there are different codes for UK, US, etc.

Hey Gellert :wave: :smile:

I am trying to understand your question fully. Are the license keys for another program that the members can log into?

Here is an idea that might not fit your use case but may spark some ideas. What you could do is add a location field to the signup form. After a new member is created you could use zapier to send an email to the new member depending on what location they chose. You would have to have pre-built emails with the code in them based on location but you mentioned pre-loading codes so I think it might be the same amount of work.

if that doesn’t work for you I’m happy to hear more and figure out this challenge! :smiley:


Hi Josh
Thanks for the reply and apologies for taking long to get back to this.

In theory, that could work as long as I can preload the codes. Do you know what software I can do this with using Zapier?


To preload codes you would need to add them to a google sheet doc in different rows. Once the zap uses a code you would need to create an action that deletes the row in the google sheet. This ensures codes are not used twice. I do worry about running out of codes with this method though. I do not know enough about your specific use case to really tell if this would be an issue. :smiley: