Sending Data from Webflow Buttons

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I apologize if this has already been answered in that past, I browsed the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Ok, so here’s what I’m attempting to do…

–User logs in to a virtual event on a Webflow site via Memberstack (already got that integrated, works great!)
–User browses through the virtual event and sees various vendors.
–When they see a vendor that they like and want to save for later, they hit a “Favorite” button (similar to the content seen in this tutorial video
–Upon hitting the “Favorite” button, data is then sent to a Google sheet (via Zapier). The data that needs to be sent would be just the user’s name & then what vendor that they favorited. NOTE: Each vendor has its own detail page using the Webflow CMS, the detail page is where these “Favorite” buttons would be found.

Is this possible to do via Memberstack. Thank you in advance for any potential suggestions.

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This should be possible. Here is a link to the webflow project seen in the video so you can copy and paste the code! :smiley: If this is something you are not comfortable doing we suggest adding your project to our Find an Expert form.

Hey Josh,

Thanks so much for the response!

That is a helpful link.

Quick follow up question, do you think it would be possible to add on to that project by registering each user’s data in a Google Sheets table, sending the data via Zapier? I.e. if there are 20 photos on that photo grid in the example link, if a user logged in with Memberstack hits the"favorite" button on 3 of them, I then get 3 different line items with that metadata of the person’s name in the Google Sheet along with the photo that they liked.



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Hey Elliott :wave:

I think this this is possible but it would take some work. You may have to hire an expert for this.