Show Element To Membership Group


I want to show certain elements (navbar links) to certain membership groups.

I have tried using ‘ms-hide-member’ but it is conflicting with my membership groups.

Is there an alternative command to show an element? For example, ‘ms-show-member’?


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Hi Billy :wave:

You can use hidden content to show/hide elements that are specific to a single membership or shared by multiple memberships.

I recommend creating another hidden group that’s specific to each membership.

Hope this helps!

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for the reply!

The issue I have is that I can only hide one set of pages within one group (as memberstack won’t allow an overlap)

So when I hide a certain element for the basic subscribers, it also gets hidden for the premium subscribers because they have access to both the basic and premium pages.

The only way I can see of working around this is to duplicate the pages? But that would mean duplicating CMS groups etc and would be very messy / difficult to update

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Adding both of these work for me: ms-hide="basic-content" ms-hide-member="premium-content"

This should show the element for Basic users but not for Premium users. Does that make sense?

Edit: just wanted to add that my Premium users get access to premium content and basic content.

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I got a different workaround but your solution worked as well and is easier Thanks :ok_hand:

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I’m still super fuzzy on how to show specific content to specific members. Everything I read on the forums seems super vague.

For example, I want to have a custom profile page that displays a user’s membership. The only way this seems possible for now is to use hidden elements. However, I don’t see any way to hide an element from multiple groups. You can only use one attribute of the same name on an element.

What I want to do is SHOW one thing to a specific group. The documentation and nomenclature are super confusing for me.

Based on your answer, it seems like the maximum number of groups you can have are three: non-members, basic, and premium.

How do I link a member or membership type to a group.
I have created groups to hide content before a user logs on (Is a small menu to user specific pages)
But I create a group and use the attribute ms-hide and the group name. The results are that the menu is always gone. I think it is because the member is not part of that group but I have not been able to find out how a member or membership type become part of a group.

I am obviously missing something but not sure what. I have gone through all the help files relating and can’t find anything that links members to groups.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Kevin! Does this answer your question?

Thanks, I new I was missing a step…