Show User Specific Data in User's Dashboard?

Hi all,

I just found Memberstack and am excited to be apart of the community.
I have a questions for current memberstack+webflow users.

Right now I have users logged into my website and I used the memberstack dashboard template to provide user-specific data. In my business, one thing I do is assign the users jobs. Each user can have multiple jobs, but the jobs are in 1 CMS right now in webflow. I created a reference link between the membership cms and the jobs cms, but am stuck.

My goal is to have a user logged in see the jobs that are specific to them (that I have assigned to them) in their dashboard. I need it as a template because we have 100’s of users for it and can’t manually create filters or new pages for each user I have.

Any Suggestions?

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Hi Josh! Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Does each user have their own CMS item in Webflow?

If so, you can add a CMS collection to the user template page that’s filtered to only show items that are assigned to “the current user”.

I hope that does the trick! If I’m misunderstanding something, could you share a screenshot or video behind the scenes?

Hi Duncan,

It makes sense. I may be over complicating things, but I need to assign the a CMS collection to another collection.
Each member here is a student. The students get assigned to chores. Chores can have multiple students. I’m ok with manually assigning the students to the chores, but I just need to show the chores that are assigned to them.

and the chores

The last bit is, Chores have different status. So a chore can be completed or pending, so I used a basic filter to check the chore status (which I update manually).

I was close here, but I was just pulling all the “completed” chores, but it wasn’t user specific