Sign up Modal opens up, but nothing happens after entering card information

Hey Good Folks,

Sorry if this is a stupid doubt.

I am a play expert and I was trying to create a 1-week free trial + 1-month subscription through Squarespace + Memberstack.

While everything is almost working well for me, everytime I click sign up on my website, the modal opens up and I fill in my information till the Card Details part.

After filling the card details, when I click pay – Nothing Happens. Nothing at all.

The support team said maybe I havent setup the redirect link correctly in memberstack, but I checked and it points to the correct page.

Please help me :frowning: (the first button has memberstack code in it if you want to check)

Hey :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We would love to help and just looked at the URL you provided. We cannot find Memberstack being used. Would you mind creating a screenshot of the button you are using for Memberstack so we can help further? :smiley:

Hey there: thanks for replying… My button is at … Screenshot attached.

Problem, after entering card details, nothing happens.

Hello again :wave:

Thank you for being patient. We just looked at the page with Memberstack and have found the issue. It turns out Stripe doesn’t accept transaction fees for accounts based in India because our account is in the US. We are contacting Stripe to fix this issue. Thanks again! :smiley:

Ok, Aishwarya we have fixed the issue! To resolve this we had to temporarily disable the transaction fee to customers in India. :grinning: This could change in the future though when Stripe is able to support it. When that time comes we will let you know. Much love :heart: