Signup defaulting to Archived Membership

I had to scrap a project and start over. In doing so:

  • archived all past memberships, since they cannot be deleted.
  • when I go to test singing up, it keeps defaulting to an archived membership and is requiring payment when I’ve set the new (and only) membership to free.
  • Also it stays on test mode, when I have a paid Memberstack account.
  • Additionally, when registering with a dummy email it says that email is already registered, when I have no active members in my database.

Thanks for the help.

Here are screenshots

Hey Ian! Thanks for all the info. I’ll make sure it reaches all the right people.

  1. Did you publish those memberships? If not, you can still delete them.
  2. The gif below shows how to change the default membership
  3. You’ll need to publish the membership to leave test mode
  4. This one’s weird… I’ll submit a bug report.

Hey Ian! Are you still having trouble with any of this? Especially curious about this one.

Hi @DuncanHamra , you’re the man, thank you for following up! I did get everything working, but couldn’t tell you exactly how! I scrapped everything, started over from scratch and finally have everything up and running. Thank you for following up.