Signup flow: signup for free membership then upgrade

At the moment I have no real ‘free’ membership tier, but through user behaviour on Heap I can see that there are plenty of users who are getting stuck on my signup / payment page.

With the obvious caveat that this is to be expected for any checkout page, has anyone had any experience (with Memberstack) in creating a first ‘signup’ page that signs up a member as a ‘free’ member, not requiring any payment details, and (hopefully) gets them to opt in to receiving emails. And only after signup, on the first page after registration are they presented with the ‘paid’ options.

Keen to understand if anyone has implemented this with their checkout funnel, any issues this might cause with Memberstack (I can’t think of any…), and what the results were.

I believe your intuition on this is correct (without knowing more specifics). Since MS doesn’t have one-off charges I’ll typically use MS for auth (free accounts) with something like Gumroad for one-off’s embedded within the members dashboard. The key for me has always been making sure that one-off service has a Zapier/Integromat integration so I can store a “charge event” within my CMS.

Hope that helps!

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Got it.
Yes, I think it could be a nice way of having a ‘low-touch’ registration, then upselling when someone actually joins.
I’d been reticent to have a ‘free’ membership tier on my site, as there weren’t really any benefits for the user to do so, but if there are small ‘free’ benefits I can give them this could be a viable way of converting an unpaid member to a paid membership.

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