Signup/ Log in form for download validation

Hey all,

I have a question regarding the forms. I am trying to create an online library with about 600 databases that users will be able to download - once they sign up/login. I am doing a CMS collection, one item for each database. In the CMS item page, I will include the forms, however, I am struggling with this approach - once they sign in I would like for a download button to appear on the page. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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You can hide the button using an attribute “data-ms-content=“members””. What platform are you using? :smiley:

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Hey Josh! Thank you!

I am using webflow. I want to avoid creating new pages when I can just hide and show buttons like this. Do you have any resources you could share with me to solve this?

Thanks again!

Here is a list to all the attributes we have :smiley: You can also see all of them by going to and then clicking on attributes.

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Thank you!!

Appreciate it Josh.

Hey Josh,

I am trying to copy the attribute to hide the button but Webflow is giving me and error.

Any reason why this would happen?

Thank you!

only add the text before the “=” and add the word “members” to the value field below. :smiley:

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