Signup/login process issue

I’m having an issue with our Memberstack login process. I’ll give some background on how the process should work:

  1. We send client signup page
  2. They signup and are taken through a multi-step onboarding form
  3. The success screen is displayed once they are completed with the multi-step onboarding process
  4. Once completed, we build their dashboard internally. In the meantime, if/when they attempt to login while the dashboard is still being built for them, they are taken to the same success screen as displayed before.
  5. After the dashboard is completed, they can login as normal and are taken to their own member-specific dashboard

The issue we are having is when they complete the onboarding process and they click our login button, they are being directed back to the welcome screen of the onboarding process.

Two scenarios we need to have happen:

If the dashboard is still being built , we want them directed to the success screen when they click the login button.
If the dashboard is completed, we want them directed to the login page where they can input their email and password and are then taken to their member specific dashboard.

Let me know if this makes sense.

Here is the read-only link for our site:

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Thanks for breaking down the question. Super helpful!

I recorded a quick video to answer your question. I hope this helps make sense of things :smiley:

Hey Duncan,

Thanks for the quick reply. This is almost perfect, but it looks like I’m still having an issue after the user has logged in. See the short video here:

Example of Problem

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If you click into your membership, does it look like this?

Also, if you go to the signup and login page, click on the Login tab, and scroll to the bottom do you have a link set for your login page?

I can’t get over how nice your site is! :heart_eyes:

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