Signup SMS Verification

Anyone have an example of integrating SMS verification using a service like Twilio? Wanted to ask before I charged off into the darkness.

Are you doing this for account verification? I would be interested in what you found. Are you using the Beta API to get JWT token from client?

This was originally attended for location verification; I was trying to find a different way of granting access other than blocking out an IP range.

What I found is if you split the signup into two sections, then you can easily integrate Twilio’s Verify service. This can be done using Memberstack’s Multi-step Signup. The only difference is that the confirmation field on the last step would need to validate a number with a verification code before adding the member.

A few things to also consider is to validate the number before submitting the request to Twilio (Both Google and Twilio have such a service), and also adding a request cap so someone can only request X number of access codes within a certain period.

Checkout Twilio CLI as it provide a template you can use and also allows you to deploy to a serverless instance with Twilio at no cost. If you decide to use Twilio, then please use my referral:

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