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Hi MemberStack Team!

I’m working on a project where the client is offering multiple, tiered subscriptions for businesses to post job advertisements (similar to Indeed)… and at the last minute they decided they wanted to also add an option at the lowest tier that allows for users to pay per each post (the subscription plans allow for unlimited job advertisements)… so this would be one off for them.

MemberStack doesn’t technically support recurring payments (of a one-time product), so right now, my workaround is pretty janky, but it works. Users basically just keep upgrading / downgrading between a free, and a $25 one time membership… then on the payment modal, I had to override some of the default MemberStack strings with some JS, since it’s not a subscription and it’s more of a one-time payment for one advertisement… right after they sign up they’re directed to the page to post the advertisement… then once they post the advertisement, I plan on clicking a downgrade button with JS that downgrades them back to the free membership or an intermediary one. Not ideal, for obvious reasons.

It would be cool to see you guys think more about payments in general… and I’m sure you’re discussing it internally. I have run into projects in the past (and some projects in the future as well I’m planning) where it would be very beneficial to have more control over memberships and letting users add ‘memberships’ or compound them, almost like a regular ecommerce system that has a cart or works like a menu where users can pick and choose specific one-offs. I know that might get into a whole other territory that you guys aren’t looking at right now, but might be ideal for payment transactionals. Who knows!


Hey Bailey :wave:

Thank you for your input! This is on the roadmap and we agree that this will be a huge step forward. :smiley:


Hey @Josh-Lopez, I joined this forum just to say this would be a super-helpful feature!

Similar to @bailey, I plan to offer a premium membership which covers unlimited submissions of a form (which results in the creation of a Webflow CMS Item) from that member’s dashboard page, or a free membership that has a one-off purchase option in that member’s dashboard page.

Out of curiosity, do you have any kind of timeline for this? I would be more than happy to trial it if it comes to beta :wink:

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Hey Andy :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for your feedback I added it to our roadmap. We try and collect all feedback to add to feature items. :smiley: Can you please tell us how you think the best workflow for this feature would be? As for timelines, we do not have a timeline for this yet. We are currently trying to make the platform as stable as possible and then will start to add more and more features.

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Thanks, @Josh-Lopez! I’m a fairly active member over on the Webflow forum, so I think it was only natural that I ended up here as well now that I’m building out my first Memberstack project!

So for this particular example, I want to offer two tiers of membership - Free and Premium. Both memberships come with a unique customer dashboard page (itself a Webflow CMS Item). On that Dashboard is a form that allows the member to submit content which generates a new CMS Item (with a hidden html embed setting their Memberstack ID as the “owner” of this Item in Webflow, this will act as a “key” of sorts when it comes to editing that item via another form so there’s no need to have them set as an Editor) - in this case a “venue page” (part of another CMS Collection).

For members subscribed to the Premium plan, they will have access to this, no problem. However for the Free members, I would like this form to be gated behind a one-off payment option (e.g. for a smaller client that only has one venue, and therefore doesn’t want to sign up to the premium subscription).

I hope that all makes sense. I’m happy to jump on a call with you if you need me to screenshare - I’d prefer not to share it publicly as it’s pretty ropey at the moment!

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Thank you Andy for giving us this feedback. We really appreciate it. This will help us understand what requirements are needed when we work on this feature. :pray:

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You’re very welcome! More than happy for you to contact me any time if I can offer any further insight. Very keen to beta test this feature once you get there on the roadmap - being able to do this natively rather than via whatever workaround I end up using will always be preferable.

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Hey, @Josh-Lopez,

I’d just like to add that a one-time payment option for members would be fantastic!