Skip payment portion of onboarding?

I want customers to be able to sign up to my website without having to enter in their payment information as the initial dashboard information is going to be free. However, to get a customer to sign up for a payment plan after they’re already logged in, on the dashboard it brings up a “sign up” or “sign in” link.

The flow that I want is:
User signs up > User goes to dashboard > User upgrades to paid plan (without having to login again)

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Hey Thomas, have you tried adding using ‘Upgrade’ buttons? Here’s a tutorial on it in our help center.

Let me know if that does the trick! :smile:

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Thanks @naitik I believe that’s what I’m looking for, although I think I have to rebuild the signup flow / memberships because it doesn’t seem to be activating the “Upgrade” option. I’m fairly certain the bug is on my end though, will report back if I can’t solve it!