Small Chat Widget for Live Chat with Customers

Here is a really cool chat widget for your website! What’s awesome is it integrates with Slack. So you can create separate channels to handle certain areas of your site such as Sales, Support etc. I like this idea because I don’t need more apps. I can already use one that I use all the time.


I know MemberStack has a good integration with Crisp Chat. I intend to set something up like this in the near future. Do you know if Smallchat has the same functionality as Crisp Chat or if Small chat can receive the Memberstack user data?


They can only with the paid version it seems. Although I have been using Tidio chat and @belltyler has help me set up some script to receive MS data for logged in users. It’s pretty cool. And Tidio is free! :slight_smile:


If anyone ever needs help connecting MemberStack to a chat app just let me know! Happy to provide some code.


Hi, I would love to integrate a chat system in my platform created with Webflow. Any video tutorial or direction that I can follow!? Also what would be the best tool to integrate with Webflow, Memberstack and Zapier? Slack?

Thank you for your help!

Hey Bentot :wave:

Integrating with crisp chat is short and so powerful. Here is the code to add for that after you add code from crisp chat As for your other question about the best tool to integrate, it depends on what you need to do. Have any ideas? :smiley:

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Hey. I use live chat Lemur , which also has an excellent mobile adaptation. Messaging through instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, VK and others) and chat in one widget.

This is a great thread with very useful suggestions. I have nothing of value to add :scream: but I’m definitely going to try these out!

Would you be able to share the code structure for Tidio here ? Thanks in advance Tyler !

Hi Tyler, please could you help me connect MS data to our Tidio app? Thank you