Smart Wallet Status through API

Hello everyone,

I have been spending sometime looking over a lot of the questions and I do understand that there are a few things that are currently not available with in regards to authentication options.

I am working on a project that requires some information from my mobile app and smart wallet. We have created an in gaming token based on ethereum. We are working on connecting our smart wallet to zappier at the moment, and I would like to ask the community a few questions to see if our vision would be possible via memberstack:

Process Flow:

  • User signs up in webflow
  • User is registered in memberstack and mobile app and smart wallet through zappier. A new user is created.
  • When the user is created in the wallet site, a certain amount of welcome tokens are deposited to individual wallet to get started.

Question #1:
If a user changes his password, will it be updated across all platforms?

Question #2:
Can a user see the status of his wallet somewhere in his dashboard? We already are doing this in the mobile app, the amount of tokens are updated live but we want to make sure that it is possible to feed that information and show it in the customers dashboard using memberstack.

Maybe to rephrase the question a bit, can I draw this information through a zap and show it on a users account and if a user buys more tokens via dashboard for example can the amount of tokens will be updated in the wallet.

Question #3:
Do you work with Skrill as a payment processor?

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I think I might have found the answer to #2 here:

Information like this can be updated through zaps, just want to make sure I have freedom to configure on the site.

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Hey Victor, thanks for breaking down your situation for us. Super helpful.

  1. It will not :confused:
  2. I believe this answer is yes! Your post below is correct + you can pull that data into your UI using data attributes.
  3. We do not :disappointed:At this point, we only accept payments via Stripe.