Specific member updates / Zapier

Hi there,

I am building a website where members are able to see each-others profiles with information provided by the members themselves, and reach out to other members via a form (webflow) on member’s profile.

I have built in a functionality where people can hide the form from their profile. I did this by adding a simple form on their personal dashboard, with just a simple checkbox to active or de-activate messaging. This checkbox sends out a true/false value to the member’s profile in Memberstack, which via Zapier, updates the CMS of webflow. Having this value in the CMS allows me to add conditional formatting on the user’s profile page, and hiding the messaging form when the value is ‘false’ and showing when the value is ‘true’.

I have a 2 set ups in Zapier:

  • One is for when a member updates their profile (and so there public profile) on my website. This Zapier has a string of 6 tasks as it is also connected to AirTable and sending some important data back to Webflow CMS.
  • The second just to update the true/false value with the check box.

When a member is changing his messaging settings in the dashboard, I was hoping this would activate only the second Zapier set up, but it is also activating the first one of 6 tasks, which is very unnecessary. I have been looking for other options in the data-attributes for the checkbox form in the dashboard, and also been looking for an option in Zapier with filters and paths to activate only the string of tasks when the true/false value remain unchanged, but I can not find out how.

I hope one of you have a solution for me, thanks!


Hey Thomas :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face: What I would do in your case would be to add a hidden field for sign up that is checked true by default and after the signup set it to false. Then set your filters according to this.

Hey Josh,

Thank you for your reply, and helping me looking for a solution.

I’m not sure if your suggestion would solve the problem (or I might not understand how). Just to be sure you understand the problem fully, and we’re on the same page I give a bit more detail and add some printscreens of the website.

So when a member signs up to my platform, the onboarding process starts where they can set the option “Yes, other members can send me a message”. By default this is set to true.

This will allow other members to send messages privately on other member’s profiles (it’s connected with zapier to gmail)

This option can be turned off anytime in the dashboard.

People might be changing this twice a week (or more), which will activate the string of tasks I have set for when a member updates his profile, whilst changing messaging from yes to no or vice versa, shouldn’t activate the 6 tasks for more extensive changes to a member’s profile…

If your solution is still relevant, then I probably don’t understand how it would solve that, so maybe you can elaborate?

Thanks again for your time.

Hello again :wave:

First… I Love what you are doing! If you are willing perhaps we should just get on a call and hash this problem out together! Want to schedule a meeting? :grinning:

I found an awesome article that should get you on the right track! Here is is!