Specifying the billing cycle anchor when creating new subscriptions

Hey team!

We’re just starting out with our service. And while so far everything has been super smooth we’ve now hit a wall.

It’s quite crucial for us to have subscriptions always start at the first of the next month. E.g. if a user signs up on the 15th of Feb their card won’t be charged until the 1st of March. (Basically giving a them a free trial up until then.)

I’ve found stripe documentation about how to set it using the API:

(Everything under ‘Specifying the billing cycle anchor when creating new subscriptions’)

However, I’m stuck with how any of that could be merged with all the Memberstack features and settings.

Any help is much much appreciated!


Hey Clemens,

I’m actually looking for the answers to a very similar question! We just need billing every Thursday. If you find anything please post it up! I’ll do the same if I uncover something.

Best Wishes!

Hey Clemens and Adam,

Unfortunately there’s no way to change the billing cycle anchor via the Stripe dashboard or Memberstack dashboard yet. Ideally, we’ll use the Stripe API to let you quickly and easily change the billing anchor.

What features & settings would make your life easy? We can make sure we consider this when we add this feature in the future.


Hi Molly!

Thanks for the response. I’m glad it’s something that’s being considered as a feature. For now, I hope to find some sort of work-around.

As for features & settings for my use case, it would ideally give us the ability to choose specific dates to bill, i.e. [Every Thursday] OR [Every Thursday and Monday] or similar regardless of when the user signs up during the week! In this case, membership upgrades should not be prorated. I.e. If a membership costs $50, then the user upgrades halfway through the billing cycle to a $100 membership, they should just be charged $100 next time around.

@Clemens, I’ll still update this thread if I find some hacky work-around.


Hi Molly,

Similarly this would be really useful for us. We have a monthly service that starts on the 1st of the month but if a customer signs up half way through the month they end up being billed twice before receiving anything.

Ideally, if they sign up on the 14th of the month for example, their card would not be charged until the 1st of the following month.

Thank you!