Squarespace problem when hiding nav items

Hi there

Busy setting up membership site on squarespace.

when I manually hide nav items using the code, and when memberstack specific links are hidden automatically (profile, log out, etc) the nav menu still has a small blank space in it.

This becomes quite noticeable when a few nav items in a row are hidden, but is annoying even when it’s just one item.

Please see the screenshots as well as the detail from when I inspect the page. It happens with every hidden nav item, as well as when I hide folder items using header code.

please see the big gap preceding the “Login” nav item.

Any help would be appreciated.

When I hide all the page links I need to, and when I hide 3 folders using the code below, the result is the attached.

This won’t be an acceptable solution for the client.

I suspect I’m doing something wrong?

p.s. The code I’m using to hide the folders is the below, added to every page where it’s required. If anyone has anything better to suggest, please let me know:

header#header [href="/voyant-adviser"] { display: none; } header#header [href="/go-belts"] { display: none; } header#header [href="/go-cases"] { display: none; }

I can somewhat work around the issue by organising the order of the nav menu.

First, all the items visible to non-members, then all the items visible to members.

This means that when members are logged in it looks great:

But, when non-members visit it looks not so great:

Hey Pierre :wave:

Would you be willing to provide a link to this page so we can check it out? :smiley:

Thanks Josh

If you look at https://oleander-rhombus-6t8r.squarespace.com/ you can inspect the area to the left of the about nav item.

there are a few memberstack hidden items with leftover white space.

Ah ok. After looking at it I notice the parent element has a left margin so even if its empty a margin is applied. By removing that and adding a margin to the links within them it should fix the issue. If you need help with this we suggest adding your project here to get a freelancer to help :smiley:

Thanks Josh, appreciate the reply

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