SSO for google and linkedin | Email verification for signup with a link

SSO capabilities from google, linkedin etc. Email verification for all signups

People are signing up with junk emails like and they get access to all my free membership content.

SSO increases the conversion rate for membership signups.

I don’t have any workarounds

Hey Chemeli :wave:

We totally agree with you and are actively working on this feature. I do not have an ETA on it yet. Would you like me to add you our contact list for when it is available?

Can you add me as well for this? This was a major factor for adoption assuming it’s released soon.

Just added your feedback @tyler-mcwilliam! Thank you for sharing :heart:

Please add me to it. And is there any workaround or 3rd party integration that can help me solve this?

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Just added your feedback @Chameli ! Thank you for sharing :heart:

We do not have a workaround for this yet. :cry:

Thank you.
I went through the forum, and I noticed that people have been asking for the SSO for almost close to a year. Do you guys actually have plans to release it before 2020? If you don’t have an exact ETA, is there a ballpark time? We need some clarity on when this is going to come out. It is a make or break for us. We can’t wait too long for this.

Hey Chameli :wave:

We just released SSO for integration and are working on getting a framework worked out for other SSO for the future. We also recently hired another developer and are expanding the team. Our list of improvements is long and we work hard each day to work on that list. I cannot give an ETA on this currently but I can say this is something we are looking forward to as well.