Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) flow

Hi there.

A new user managed to sign up for a membership yesterday (a member was created in Memberstack for a paid membership).

But, there are several errors:

  1. In Memberstack they are marked as Status = SCA ( Explanation: Strong Customer Authentication
    This means a user started the signup process, but failed to authenticate the payment with their bank. Your customer will need to resolve this with their bank.)

  2. In Stripe, the payment status is failed, with a ‘processing error’ (see message below)

“failure_code”: “processing_error”,
“failure_message”: “An error occurred while processing your card. Try again in a little bit.”,

“outcome”: {
“network_status”: “declined_by_network”,
“reason”: “processing_error”,
“risk_level”: “normal”,
“seller_message”: “The bank returned the decline code processing_error.”,
“type”: “issuer_declined”


  1. From the explanation in the Memberstack dashboard, does this mean that the user was prompted to fill in SCA, but didn’t do so?

  2. If this is the case, is it always the case that the membership is created before SCA / payment is completed?

  3. Will the user be able to log-in / access everything, or will they be prompted by Memberstack after logging in to re-attempt payment?


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Bump! Same question :slight_smile:

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Hey @Alastair_Budge & @Roocypher

  1. Exactly. They were prompted but failed to follow through. This could happen for several reasons. Their bank didn’t give them the opportunity to, they have to verify via email or some other “off-site” means of verification, or they just dropped off.

  2. Indeed. We do this in case they have to leave your site to verify.

  3. The user can log-in, but they will be immediately prompted to re-attempt the payment.

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Understood, thanks @DuncanHamra

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