Subscription Duration

Hello there,

is there a way to add a minimum duration to a monthly subscription? Would love to give my members the possibility to pay in “rates” over 1-year, on a monthly basis.

So there would be yearly – payed at once.
And there would be monthly – payed every month over a duration of 1 year.

Looking forward!
PS: loving the tool so far :ok_hand:

Hey Jan :wave:

Thank you for joining the forum and posting! I like this idea of having memberships having a timed contract. Unfortunately, this is not available yet with Memberstack. It would be hard to enforce something like this. Again, thank you for the question :smiley:

Hey Josh, thanks for the fast reply. Is there any workaround for this maybe? Especially in those crazy times of COVID, I would to give as much people as possible to have access to my services. Let me know, really looking forward!

EDIT: Basically has everything I need. Is there a way to integrate it in Webflow? thanks

Hello again :wave:

I do not know of a workaround for this currently. As for the mollie question, this is the first time I have seen this. You would have to post in the webflow forums to get the answers you need. :smiley: