Subscription length

I haven’t started developing my site yet, but I was curious if there would be a way to identify to the user how many months they have been subscribed to a membership plan, much like the old loyalty punch cards you would receive at a store or restaurant.

After some number of months, they would be eligible for a reward, which they would be able to see their progress towards thus far. Would there be a way to bring this data into the user’s profile?

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Hi @stratman24! First off, welcome to the forum and thanks for the post!

What you want is totally possible, but will require a bit of custom code. I myself have no idea how to code, so maybe you, a freelancer, or another dev in the community can help out.

Using our front-end API and a bit of custom JS, you can track the number of days, months, years, since someone first signed up. You could then use that data to effect some sort of timeline element so members can view their progress.

On my signup form, I have a hidden field called “signup date,” which is set to today’s date. So that signup date will forever be saved in the member’s profile. With that information, you can easily use a little JavaScript to calculate days/months since a member signed up. I would use Moment.js to very easily calculate months since signup using their fromNow() feature. This method does require a very small amount of JavaScript knowledge.


@Scott thanks for sharing!

@stratman24 what Scott said is a really good solution. We are though working on new member management page that will automatically include their signup date.

Depending on when you launch, we may already have that feature done.


Would be interested to have this show on our member profiles as well!

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Hi @belltyler on the topic of dates and subscription length.

Is it possible to include the members sign-up date in webflow using a shortcode such as ms-data:“date” without making it as an extra field in memberstack?

I want to have their signup date and create a countdown timer for when their free trial membership ends by just using the data in the member form in MS.

I am building something similar to the one Moz is using:

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 15.44.29



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