Supported use case: User creates/edits "their story" profile, which then pushes (via Zap?) to Webflow CMS?

We have a prospective client who would like to allow non-paying “members” the ability to manage a profile page and add/edit their own “my story” content. This content would have to push (I expect via Zap) to Webflow CMS. Is this a use case supported by

  • Free membership and corresponding user profile
  • Ability for members to login and access profile, make changes to demographic information
  • Ability for members to add/manage narrative content to share their own story
  • Ability for members to tag themselves/their story with pre-defined (let’s assume) tags

Thanks in advance for any insights/advice, how-to resources, or existing examples to follow.

Hi @cjames :wave:

Here is an example of allowing non-paying members (via MemberStack integration) to submit Webflow forms into the Webflow CMS. If you are not logged in (as a non-paying member) you can only “read” info that been submitted by logged in non-paying members:

The above video walk through is using comments as the example, but you can very simply retool that to add/edit “my story” content as you’ve described.