Team Dashboards


I have a client who wants to build a membership site for their consulting clients.
They want to have a login per company or team they work with and grant them access as a team to a dashboard that includes information on each team member.

There will also be a general data base of information accessible to ALL the teams and clients who receive logins.

Essentially; as a team member I will log in and have access to a team dashboard where I can see all my colleagues and their info. I will also be able to navigate to a set of pages that have general content on them. Anyone who has a login (not necessarily from the same team or client) will be able to access these general pages - but not the public.

My client want to be able to control who has access by manually creating and providing logins to select teams. They do not want the public to be able to create accounts.

The second complication is that somehow, my client has to be able to load all these individuals’ data onto the dashboard.
It would be awesome if each member had their own login which existed inside a team login (I hope this makes sense) - but MVP would be just a simple team login thats the same for each member in the team.

Does anyone know if any of this is possible? :smiley: I will be building the site using Webflow :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Rachel :wave:

My gut reaction is this is out of scope for Memberstack. That said, I’m confident some version of this is possible with enough zaps, the Webflow CMS, and some careful planning.

Do you have a plan B?

Hi Duncan!

I have been messing around with ways to do this and have one or two more questions if you don’t mind.

My solution is to hide the relevant static page AND cms collection page (using the same url) behind a membership, which the team could then join.

I have two options so far:

I would create a membership for each team that my client onboards, giving them access to a folder of pages in webflow created specifically for them (also includes a cms collection), hidden behind the relevant url.

I want to avoid random people signing up and gaining access to the information, so I was going to just offer a login page and not a sign up page and manually input members to each membership and then provide them with their login details.

However I cant find a definite answer as to whether manually adding members and not having them sign up themselves is actually possible.


A sign up form unique to each membership, placed inside a “signup” page within the teams folder inside webflow (I hope that makes sense).

However even if this was possible my client would need to approve each sign up just in case someone random tried to sign up to the team specific membership.

So option A really is the best one for me right now.

All I need to know really is whether I can manually add members and bypass the entire signup situation.

Please help!

Thank you!