Team membership ( one payment )

Hi guys,

  1. Please build something that lets me receive one payment for a group of people, that also doesn’t give customer admin rights to like ( change password) to the individual users.

  2. This is important to me because most schools and classroom teachers purchase online programs this way, and students shouldn’t have rights to cancelling the account or changing passwords.

  3. My current workaround is…memberful? I am still in Dev stage at the moment for curriculum.

thanks, Rick

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Hi @Rick, welcome to the community!

Thanks for posting what you’re trying to do. I do have some ideas on how you could do that with MemberStack right now. Bear with me, they are workarounds :laughing:

The first step would be to create memberships with pre-defined quantities. This is required since we don’t have a way for users to specify their own quantity. For example, you would create a membership that is for 1-5 students, another for 5-10, 11-15. etc.

The next step would be to create a free membership that would be for students. The key here is you would use our ms-hide attributes to hide the profile button for anyone that has this membership (students). Another option is to not include a profile button on pages that students have access to. This would solve the “students should not be able to cancel or change their password” problem. A side note… if you still want students to be able to update their profile info, then you can use your own profile update form using our ms-profile=update feature.

When a teacher purchases a paid membership with the # of students they need, you would then give them access to a signup form that is for the free student membership. That way they would be able to create accounts for their students. With a little custom dev work, you could even “tag” the students account with the teacher’s account so that you can keep track of how many students a teacher has.

So in summary, with a few workarounds you could get this to work but it may not be as seamless as you need. Like you said, there may be other products that are better suited for this particular use case.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!


hi Tyler,
Thanks for your quick reply and solution. I was thinking for ease of maintenance to simply assign something like a 20 student account signup, each with the name student1, student2, etc. However, are simultaneous logins permitted? (ie. 20 students all named “student”), or is that something you are actively trying to not do?

If I could keep one login name for student, that would be ideal for simplicity's sake.  However, I understand if this not recommended.

Sincerely, Rick

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Are you asking if 20 students would be able to login with the same credentials at the same time?

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yes, I am asking if they can use the same credentials.

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As of now yes…

That being said we do have a high demand of users wanting that to not be possible :sweat_smile: At some point we will be doing something to prevent multiple members from using the same account. Maybe we will look at making that optional though to work for both scenarios.

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Well thank you then, Perhaps I should add a limited multiple users using the same credentialing option as a feature request then. :smile: