Test Mode still showing after publish

Hi, I published my membership but the manage profile modal shows both Active and Test Mode. I cleared my cache but no luck.

Hey Sean :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. First thing I have to ask is, have you upgraded your account to one of our paid plans?

Hey Josh,

Yeah, I upgraded to the Pro plan last night, although come to think of it, I didn’t get an email confirmation. Possible it didn’t go through? Is there a way to DM on here to get you my contact info if you need it?

Never mind. Just found it under billing.

One more thing I noticed. It seems like the members I imported through a csv show the test icon and the manual imports don’t. But they seem to be in the same members group. I guess I don’t understand how some members can be in test mode and some aren’t. Is it because I imported them before I got a paid account?

Anything we can do here? Trying to launch today.

Hey Sean :wave:

I just got back from the weekend. Yes, you are correct. Any members imported before the paid account would show as test accounts. I suggest deleting them and doing the import again. :smiley: I know this is time-consuming right now but we are working on getting bulk members deletions working. It’s on our roadmap but does not have an ETA on it yet.