Tiered pricing plan and conditional signup


I want to build a membership site with the ability to set up different pricing plans depending on the member’s profiles and types. This whole process should come after the initial basic signup with email and password that will create a member for the free basic membership plan. Attached you may see the process flow chart. Would it be possible for Memberstack to handle this process?

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Thank you for the flowchart! This is amazing! How many total variations of memberships do you think you will have?

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Thanks. After basic sign-up process which registers the user as Free Plan member, the user should visit a multi-step registration form. In the initial sign-up form I’d like to link the user to a company s/he will create so all proceeding steps should allow the company to be a member of the B2B directory.

1- Choose industry type (3 options)
2- Choose Team size (4 options)
3- Choose membership type (2 options, PRO or PREMIUM)
4- Choose monthly or annual payment (2 options)
5- Accept the fee and pay. (The fee should be dynamic according to the choices listed in previous steps)

According to these options I would need 48 membership plans excluding the free plan. (depending on industry, team size, Pro/premium features and monthly/annual payments)

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I think this would be possible if you create those 48 memberships. Do you have your own developer to set this complicated workflow up? If not you can post your project here to our database of designers and developers. :smiley:

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I have a certain experience of developing in WP but I’m considering if I should use Bubble or WebFlow. Memberstack seems to be smoothly integrating with each of them but I’m curious if it would be possible to create the conditional signup forms and pricing plans. I’ll try first but most probably I’ll need an expert’s help.

I can only share my personal experience. I haven’t used WP since switching to Webflow lol :rofl: